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Ushak Arts & Crafts Ushak Arts & Crafts Ushak Arts & Crafts Ushak Arts & Crafts

The city of Ushak in western Turkey has a very long history in carpets. Some of the rugs made there during the 16th and 17th century are historically amongst the best known in carpet literature. Some of the designs can be found in paintings of famous artists of the Renaissance, thus bearing the name of the painter as a nick name. They are also famous for their small rugs, mainly prayer rugs, most of them found in churches in Rumania, hence their acquired name “Transylvanian” or “Siebenberg”.

This rose-pink carpet is probably from the 1950’s and its design derives from the Arts & Crafts movement. It has a very silky wool and the direction of the pile is at a highly acute angle, resulting in two quite different faces when observed from the dark and light side. It can decorate a room in a way that few other pieces can, providing that this unusual but very charming palette is the one required. It is in perfect condition.

CODE 327
SIZE 3.25 x 4.09
AGE Antique