Our Services

Our Services

We offer services from the cleaning of a carpet, to repairing and appraising.


With our decades long experience as appraisers for the State, the Benaki Museum and the Athens Museum, we offer our expertise and services for carpet appraisals. We provide a detailed and thorough inspection to authenticate and assess the value of the rug.


We offer a full range of repair services, from restoring faded colors, repairing a torn rug, repiling, replacing of the fringes, and many more. It is also part of our policy to first inform our customers of the repair cost, before starting the procedure, advising them whether it is worth repairing the rug, considering its value and repair cost.


For the longevity and maintenance of a carpet or a kilim, it is advisable to have it cleaned once a year. Our company offers professional dry cleaning carpet services carried out by our experienced and trusted technicians. The service takes place at the client’s space.