Mahal Mahal Mahal Mahal

Even though we specialize in mostly modern carpets, kilims and textiles, we also feature a collection of exceptionally beautiful antique rugs that comprise our Antique Collection. It is reasonable, therefore, that each antique piece will be described individually for what it is.

The Mahal carpets became very popular during the last quarter of the 19th and the dawn of the 20th centuries. The two main reasons for this are:

a. Because they were mostly made according to the western taste, using a suitable color range and convenient repetitive motifs, to suit a demanding western market, referring to those who could afford to purchase an oriental rug.

b. Because during that period, a new high selling product appeared in the market, the Ziegler carpets, which were also made in the same Arak district as the Mahals.

Besides its majestic proportions and beauty, this particular carpet, with its wonderfully drawn happy trees of life, the reclining willow trees and the stylized up straight cypresses, represents the whole cycle of life itself.

CODE 1-279
SIZE 3.40 x 5.93
AGE Antique
MATERIAL Pile Wool – Warp & Weft Cotton