Agra 3

Agra 3 Agra 3 Agra 3 Agra 3

The city of Agra with its long history, is like a holy city because of Taj Mahal, built in mid-17th century. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who ordered its construction, was also a patron of the arts with a keen interest in carpets. During its reign, carpet production flourished, resulting in magnificent examples that now belong to great museums and well-known private collections.

The design of the present carpet is from that period, influenced by 16th century Tabriz carpets from Persia. The amazing typical Agra crimson-red field is covered with the so called “animal combat theme”, whereas an abundance of trees, flower blossoms, along with birds and animals of the forest are spread randomly, creating an up-lifting feeling to the viewer. The border bears one of the most celebrated design motifs of the Mughal period. The quality of the wool is soft and silky, adding to the noble character of the rug. Its unusually long size is most appropriate, unraveling the charm of one of the most beautiful antique Agra carpets of the late 19th century. Its condition is excellent

CODE 316
SIZE 1.85 x 3.71
AGE Antique