Shirvan Kilim 2

Shirvan Kilim 2 Shirvan Kilim 2 Shirvan Kilim 2 Shirvan Kilim 2

Antique Shirvan kilims are arguably the most famous and popular Caucasian flat weaves.Quite a big variety of pieces can be found, although few of these being in good condition.This “one of a kind” Shirvan piece has the following very special characteristics. A central hexagon with the date of manufacture in two types of writing (1888), accompanied by a female figure in a local dress. It contains the greatest number of colors than any kilim to our knowledge.It is completely covered with hexagons of equal size, with their colors arranged in such a way, as to achieve a perfect color balance. The narrow “fleur de lis” border is a display of the basic color scheme used, not including all the different hues present on the kilim, for obvious reasons, since the dyes that have been used are vegetable. A great kilim which will justifiably satisfy an attempt in decorating any space with character and imagination.

CODE 268
SIZE 2.03 x 3.25
AGE Antique