Qashqai Gabbeh Kilim

Qashqai Gabbeh Kilim Qashqai Gabbeh Kilim Qashqai Gabbeh Kilim

The Qashqai tribes, of the Kamseh Federation in S.W. Persia, are famous for their skilful and colourful rugs and kilims. Through the centuries, they have created their own school of domestic rug weaving, using only geometric designs with stylized motifs, a limited number of colours and carefully chosen raw materials. A small group of these kilims, made mainly for personal use, are the Gabbehs

This particular Gabbeh kilim, besides its relatively unusual big size, is the epitome of colour and design simplicity. Five rectangles, each one contained inside the other in regards to its size, give the necessary clear space to five different bold colours to have a voice of their own,  unfolding  their strong personality in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Created at the turn of the 20th century and besides its over a century old age, it is in almost mint condition, offering us enough proof that it was very well kept by the people who created it, for an obvious reason, but also that it was treasured  by the next generations up until now.

A wonderful rare kilim to own.

CODE 856
SIZE 2.04 x 2.86
AGE Antique