Kashan Kashan Kashan Kashan

The city of Kashan, located south of the Iranian capital Teheran, has been one of the most important carpet manufacturing areas since the Safavid dynasty, as early as the 16th century.

Some of the most famous historical carpets were created there, creating a legacy that is second to none.

This circa 1900 most remarkable sky-blue ground Kashan rug, woven with superb kork wool and silk, has a so called “tree of life” design, which covers the whole field in a majestic manner. The tree is full of blossoms, on its branches different types of birds are resting or flying, whereas  on the ground, two deer are resting in front of two beautiful drawn bushes. By any standard, a true masterpiece, which is also preserved in its original state.

CODE 1072
SIZE 1.32 x 2.01
AGE Antique
MATERIAL Wool & Silk