Ikat Panel 4

Ikat Panel 4 Ikat Panel 4 Ikat Panel 4

The Ikat collection of fabrics, wall panels and pillow cases offers exquisite decorative solutions for the modern home. Since it is relatively common for modern aesthetics to follow a “bare” and mild, subdued approach to decoration, choosing a piece from our Ikat collection adds that extra touch of color and “character” that might have been missing all along. This is not a matter of chance. It is mostly due to the fact that these Ikat fabrics carry a lot of history. Originally and solely produced in Uzbekistan at the beginning of the 19th century, Ikat fabrics were created to be worn as beautiful garments for the higher-ranked members of the local society. Although the art of making Ikats had been lost for many decades, nowadays it has been revived by a select few, talented manufacturers mostly in Uzbekistan and Turkey, and have seen great appeal to many fashion designers around the world. Rich and vibrant in color, smooth to the touch and overflowing with charm and character, Ikat pieces are an excellent choice for the customer that is looking for something unique.

They can be made-to-order in almost any available design, size and color combination, according to what our customers desire for their home.

CODE Panel-4
SIZE 0.42 x 0.70
ORIGIN Uzbekistan
MATERIAL Velvet Silk