Agra Golden

Agra Golden Agra Golden Agra Golden Agra Golden

This magnificent oversize carpet is certain that it was commissioned by a wealthy family, probably at the dawn of the 20th century. Even more, it was surely ordered for a specific spot in the room that was going to be placed in. The obvious proof for this is that it has been woven along its length  5,97 m, rather than its width 4,32 m, which is the case for all hand knotted carpets. The only reasonable explanation we can think of, is that the owner wanted to place it in the room in such a way so that the viewer would have access almost solely to the light/shiny side of the carpet across the long side of the rug, which admittedly looks like silk rather than wool.

This amazing carpet with a dazzling golden field and an overall ancient Agra design, is arguably of Indian origin. The only other possibility is that it was made in China, where during that period, some important carpets were produced, using a special weave and not the usual coarse and tight knotting. Due to its majestic size, its fantastic palette, its quality of silky wool, its fabric like texture and its unique placement of weave direction on the loom, quite rightly it has been internationally acclaimed as “One of a Kind”.

SIZE 4.32 x 5.97
AGE Antique